About Leah Shafer

Leah Shafer was born in Torrance, Ca on Sept 27th, 1973. Moved by music early on, she started writing and recording songs at age 14. With singing careers in both secular and Gospel music, Leah is driven to write and sing wherever she can to make a difference and inspire. Leah says, “Music is my vehicle. There is nothing more important to me than to prepare the hearts of a congregation (through music) so they are open and ready to hear a powerful message.”

Early Life
When she was seven, her family moved to the small high desert town, Hesperia Ca. By nine years old, she knew she wanted to make singing her life and career. She got involved in music programs from 4th-12th grade; landing lead roles all along the way. As a senior she was selected Best in All-State and continued to garner lead roles in theatrical productions in college. Leah also toured with the Young Americans (as a main soloist) for over 5 years.


After College
Leah moved to Orange County California and got into retail sales, makeup artistry, and gravitated toward work in the beauty industry. These jobs paid her bills while she pursued her dream of “making it in the music industry.” Leah moonlighted with 5 different cover bands; performing at hundreds of corporate events. She also entered various talent contest. But it was when she won the nationally televised Destination Stardom TV Show that she knew she was on the right path. Leah has appeared as a guest artist on countless network television and radio shows and continues to aspire to make difference in churches, women’s conferences, and inspirational events.

Philosophy of Faith
“I am always growing, learning and changing through the help of the Lord. His grace and strength and prayer has saved me many times.” says Leah. She is a strong believer that you should never get too comfortable in this life because that is when you will be spiritually attacked. “We must always be on guard with your heart and spirit.” That is why she is such a huge proponent of family unity and praying together (daily) as a couple and family. Leah is emphatic, “Through my faith, nothing is impossible.”

A Heart for the Broken
Leah says, “Music is a non-threatening way to communicate your heart and hope to others.” Leah’s music has opened doors to relate to the brokenness in others who are overcoming abuse and tragedies. She is a huge advocate for the program Celebrate Recovery; a Christ-based Recovery Program. She is also a fan of messages by Jentezen Franklin, Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyers and many more. An ongoing student of life, Leah is beyond grateful for her life coach of 9 years Don Johnson, he reminds me, “It’s ok just to do laundry some days.” Ha ha;-)

Family Life
Her parents, Lee and Cheryl Dale, are a fun and compassionate couple who have been married for over 40 years. Leah has two younger brothers (Matthew and Justin Dale) whom she loves, mothers, and teases to this day. The most rewarding daily activity is being a mother herself to a beautiful little girl named Lauren (Lolo). She is married to an author/entertainer, Ross Shafer, who understands and supports what they call the complicated heart of the artist. She also loves her dogs. As important as her family is to her she told her husband, “I will always need a dog in my life.”


What’s Next?
Leah will continue to write, record, perform at churches, major sporting events, and collaborate in the fashion industry with amazing, Godly, and powerful women. She lives to bring out the confidence and love in others. Music and fashion have turned out to be a powerful combination; all intentionally aligned by God.