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Leah frequently sings the National Anthem at televised professional athletic events (NFL, NBA, FIFA, AFC Championship). She also sings the anthem for private corporate events.

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Leah says, “Music is a non-threatening way to communicate your heart and hope to others.” Leah’s music has opened doors to relate to the brokenness in others who are overcoming abuse and tragedies.

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“Character. Intelligence. Strength. Style. That makes beauty.” – Diane von Furstenberg


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For me, music and fashion are emotion-driven. I only write and sing what truly moves me. I only wear what I feel good in. Both are statements of the woman I want to be. I’ve always believed that the best accessory a girl can own is confidence. So, being fashion conscious is all about showing the world how you feel about yourself. If you can pull that off, the world sees your individual style and grace.

“Confident women see the beauty in other women…and not search for flaws.” – Dolly Parton

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If you do a YouTube search for Leah you will find a variety of videos of her singing for events as large as 80,000 and as small as 35. Regardless, you’ll hear her soul in every song.

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